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Nothing shocking as usual. We don't mind, as we buy what we need when we need. E.g. before the year closes (corporate taxes...), I bought a D500, and a new Tamron superzoom. The kids get lots of gifts of course. 


But, two good ones worth sharing. 

You Have to Fucking Eat: So much truth. Get it. 

And then there's this: The cannister vac has been slowly dying, and the wife is too picky about them so we keep not replacing it. I also miss having a Roomba, etc. so have been campaigning for a cordless Dyson, so I can more quickly zap up random dirt and husky furballs or the litter the cat distributes around my office since her box is in the corner, under the plotter. NO. Wife always talking about how she likes bags, cords, whatever to make it no go. 

Yesterday morning I am looking for something specific and nerdy on eBay and it offers a "you may like" of the little dustbuster-sized Dyson for $16. Old model, refurbed, a reliable seller, a crapton for sale, dozens sold already. I have totally bought stuff of this level of deal; people get stuck with a pallet of old stock and want to clear it out, it's gray market (for another country...) etc. so I go for it. 

Tell the wife my deal, we can try one then, and she goes "NOOOO!!!!..."

"Um, what?"

"Nothing. Nevermind."

And this morning I found she had indeed been tricking me, and for a week or three has had a V6 of some flavor in the corner wrapped up. Installed, used. It's awesome. 

Post-script: 40 minutes after the eBay purchase, eBay emails me in a tizzy. The account got hacked, it is a scam. An ineffective one, as they hadn't claimed the money, so I unwound it, no risk to me. But... the wife still thinks I made it all up as a trick to find out if she bought the vacuum. 

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