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Hope you all had a terrific Christmas.  I'm the guy that's impossible to buy for, because I get it myself. However, the boy is now a man (well, more or less at 17yoa) and has paid attention, so my wife gets better guidance.  Got pretty good stuff...

Smart Wool sneaker socks, the best, IMO.

Gift cards to support my various vices, like Starbucks, iTunes, and Chipotle.

A rare as shit and spendy, at least in the states, mint Canadian C7 OD carbine stock.  Like an old Colt "N" stock, but beautiful green and textured on top, for mil-spec tubes.  I don't know where they found it, but I approve.  Now, anyone have one of the OD butt pads, or matching grip and handguards?

And my favorite gift, Larry Vickers' new AR15 Coffee Table book...stunning, large, heavy, and full of rare samples.  This is a beautiful book for AR15 fans and serious students.  It has info inside that is missing from Ezells' The Black Rifle book, and photos of stuff I had no clue ever existed.

I'm a much better gift giver than my wife, and Christmas gives me the opportunity to make her happy.  Her big want this year was a pair of those LL Bean "Bean Boots" with Thinsulate.  I know, right?  When did the 80's come back in style?  Anyway, apparently they are the hot ticket for the pumpkin spice latte crowd and soccer moms right now.  Website shows out of stock until late February and Amazon has sketchy-looking, third-party vendor, offerings at double the price with knock-off warning reviews.

Well, two Fridays ago, after she reminded me for the umpteenth time that if I ordered now, she might get to wear them before summer, I got a case of the red-ass and decided I would not be beaten.  I went to work, pulled up their retail store directory, and started dialing.  I figured there HAD to be at least one pair in her size, just one, somewhere.  There are 46 stores...I called 20 before a faint glimmer of hope in the voice on the other end of the line resulted in five minutes of searching and eventual discovery or what might be the last pair of these things in CONUS.  Seriously, they had them and I got them shipped for free, no tax, and discounted because the box was damaged.  Came the next Monday!  Wife was actually speechless and has called or texted her entire Band Mom and co-worker network to rub it in....errr....let them know what a great husband I am.

Anyway, she makes my year a much better year than I deserve, so I make her Christmases better than she hopes.

Merry Christmas, guys.



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