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So I snagged one of these a month or so ago and with some one-wrap and Chicago screws managed to rig it onto my Batbelt behind my magazine pouches. I slapped a bit of hook Velcro on the sheath to help hold the outer belt to the inner (both are parts of the Volund Micro Battle Belt system).

I didn’t want to have to rig it onto my inner belt every day so this seemed like a better solution (for me). I may get another sheath from them for off duty carry or a couple and rig one onto my training belt as well but I may end up just getting another or a NCO?

It has held tight and carries very well. It does not jab me in the side sitting or wandering around. The draw is easy and very natural for me. I’ve done some testing with it punching drywall, plywood and the sonic foam panels in our range (the FI just rolled his eyes and walked away). It’s not comfortable driving it into a hard surface but I didn’t hurt myself, I’m assuming driving it into a human body won’t hurt (me) as bad.

I have zero knife fighting experience and this blade seems to work as advertised. It’s quick to the hand and all I need to do is start punching. It fills my need as a tool to use for a gun grab situation where I foresee myself punching across my body while trapping my pistol with my strong hand. The one gun grab I’ve been in went down like that...luckily the guy wasn’t trying to kill me so I was able to just put him out using hands on techniques.

The way it sits on my belt keeps it pretty out of sight (it’s almost unnoticeable when I’m wearing my PC). So far I’m pretty happy with it and will continue carrying it on duty for the foreseeable future.  


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