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The test report is real. This is a start up company. I have a masters degree in business administration and I am an entrepreneur and product developer. CPG is an American company incorporated in Ohio. I, like just about every company in America, leverage offshore resources in order to keep costs low so I can compete in the open market. How else do you think you can buy a real aramid fiber NIJ IIIA class helmet for $350. Come on guys think about it. I have hundreds of completely satisfied customers and offer a money back guarantee. Your negative risk is mitigated. Pretty much anything you buy in America is now sourced offshore. This phone I am typing on, the TV in watching, the underwear I'm wearing, hell even my wife's dildo is made offshore.

I'm all for buying American made products too. When I can afford them. I'm a veteran of the USAF, and currently a MSgt. E7 in the Air National Guard. I bleed red white and blue. I'm an FFL linsebced gun dealer (but don't chase gun sales). There are no plans anywhere I can find that tell you how to make a bullet proof helmet. I had to build prototypes and field test them myself until I came up with a light weight NIJ IIIA solution. 19 layers of cross hatched 55 thread count aramid fiber resin bonded material pressed at over 350 tons. I will post animation of my solid works 3D design files in a day or so.

OK.  Whats the link to the HP White sheet?


Is it the one floating all over the internet for ONE helmet that was tested?


How do you insure the helmets are indeed using ARAMID fibers?  Is there a lot control program for those sheets of fibers?  When were they made?  Where they inspected?


Is there a QA/QC program for the laying down of those fibers?  How do you or I know that they are layed down cross hatched?  


Is the epoxy resin inspected for same performance between pots?  Is the mix time & cure time being tracked?  What about precursor chemicals used for the epoxy resin?  Are those controlled & annotated?


Are the helmets inspected for proper cure rates?


How do you insure QUALITY ASSURANCE or QUALITY CONTROL for these helmets made to "YOUR" specifications?


How do you INSURE these are made and can indeed PROTECT to LEVEL IIIa between lots?


Then there are the CHEAP nylon webbing straps and pads made to LOOK legit.


  Have these helmets been TESTED for IMPACT resistance and SHOCK protection?  How do we know these straps will even work?




A money Back Guarantee?   Does my widow get that as well as a MULTI-MILLION dollar WARRANTY if this helmet fails to stop the threat it SAYS it can protect against?


If I am going to buy Chinese helmets, WHY from you?  Why not staight from China and then get them for $300 shipped cutting out you the "Middle Man"?




Yes, I own many things that are made off shore at a cut rate.  NONE of them are LIFE SUPPORT or LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT.  I can mitigate & balance the the risk for my cell phone dying, its not CRITICAL for my life.  Not true for my head!


These past overseas wars have SHOWN the IMPORTANCE of BRAIN and HEAD PROTECTION!  Not buying proper or GOOD protection for ones head is just plain DUMB.





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