Reply to "Contingency Procurement Group, Inc. Ballistic Helmets"

"I never said it was made in China."


True, you never actually used the phrase "made in China".


What you did say (and I have highlighted the relevant bits for you), implies that they are not made in the US:


"I, like just about every company in America, leverage offshore resources in order to keep costs low so I can compete in the open market. How else do you think you can buy a real aramid fiber NIJ IIIA class helmet for $350. Come on guys think about it. I have hundreds of completely satisfied customers and offer a money back guarantee. Your negative risk is mitigated. Pretty much anything you buy in America is now sourced offshore. This phone I am typing on, the TV in watching, the underwear I'm wearing, hell even my wife's dildo is made offshore."


The whole "I am a Veteran", "this is a startup" doesn't fly. I am a veteran, I run a startup, and I only sell products made in the US, Canada and Western Europe. Most of my customers go in harms way, and I will never compromise by selling them substandard equipment just to make a quick buck.


Why don't you just answer the questions that were asked, provide supporting documents as requested, and settle the matter like a man?


Many on this site go in harms way, and rely on their equipment to save lives. This is not some wannabe, airsofter site, and you might just find that our reach is further than you could possibly imagine.





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