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I never said it was made in China. That Willie cat did. Just because I make available for inspection one lab report doesn't mean that's the only QA record we have. At $350 per helmet (high cut not ACH) I am losing money per helmet. These Chinese venders I am accused of being the middle man to can't even sell them that cheap.

I'm not going to fight or try and change any minds, I just wanted to address some negative perceptions about our product.

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Easy tiger.  


You are running a start-up, that's stressful enough.  


A start-up in the Armor Industry, you gotta toughen up, because EVERYONE is going to question the VALIDITY and VIABILITY of your protection product line!


I too worked in the armor industry.  Bomb Suits.  Thats a tough sell!  How did the original owner of Med-Eng test his products?  He put on the bomb suit and set-off 1 pound charges in front of him!


Richard L'Abbe:,,20126023,00.html


The lawyers made him stop after about 17 detonations!  By then other standards were developed by Med-Eng and adopted by NIJ into their bomb suit standard!


  Now THATS validity!




You saying "Its NIJ IIIa" doesn't make it "NIJ IIIa independently verified".





Actually, I never wrote that your product WAS made in China, I wrote this:


Originally Posted by Wild_Willie:
If I am going to buy Chinese helmets, WHY from you?  Why not staight from China and then get them for $300 shipped cutting out you the "Middle Man"?


 Which, you allude to your helmets being made overseas, and defended overseas production.   So, I just figured that since the Chinese are making a knock-off FAST helmet around the same price range, and jumped to a conclusion.   I apologize for being wrong.




Where are your helmets made?




I contacted HELEN XIE (Sales Manager) at NanChang JJW Industry Co.,Ltd


...FOB$210-$222 is the OPS-CORE FAST ballistic helmet...









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