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Blacky Houston posted:

A lot of great information and am thinking I'll talk to a few tailors to see if they can address the requirements.

Look dressy but use wear well materials
Designed for free movement in crotch, armpits and across back.
Re-enforced for gear: Pocket Knife, Armor, Etc...
1 3/4" Belt loops
Telescoping Waist Band


What requirements would you add?

- ditch the typical satin/sateen lining in the jacket on the gun side (or both depending on your opposite side gear setup).  Any decently 'grippy' pistol grip will eventually wear away that lining; have it replaced with a heavy cotton/canvas patch.

 - if you load down your belt with other typical gear (baton/OC?, radio, 2+ extra mags, IFAK, espresso maker, etc...) you're going to max out the abilities of even the best belts to stay up all day.  This has become even more of an issue as pants have trended to a lower-rise waist in recent years.... Consider Perry Suspenders (they hook to your belt vs your pants) to transfer some of that weight off your hips, and keep you from having to crank in the belt as the day wears on.   I know suspenders aren't the most fashionable accessory in 2018, but if done right, nobody will see them unless you take off your jacket anyway.  With a little ingenuity, I also have found you can use the suspender fronts as a makeshift LBE - they're just about the same width as a SOFT/CAT (one side, reachable by either hand!).  I keep a small backup Streamlight Stylus on the other side.

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