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Reply to "Duty Holsters - positioning, angle, height, and retention"

4102Burke posted:

"  He also mentioned Safariland’s model 295 holster they built for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department."

Am I imagining things or did they just just mount a right handed holster on a left handed shank to achieve that cant.

Bear with me, I'm having a second Rob Roy (manhattan but with scotch instead of bourbon) tonight ...

That is, in fact, a right-hand shank on the 290, purpose-built for that set-up at LASD's request.

I had a conversation with a former participant here who is at the LASD version of Firearms & Tactics. We discussed that holster, the 295, and then the follow-on version, the 280S.


I don't recall ever hearing or seeing anything on this holster; even having numerous interactions with their Safe Streets Bureau (home of both OSS detectives and GET) over the years. I would have killed for a left-hand 1911 version of  this - apparently they existed.


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