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Hey Casey,
Does the CUBL allow you to get to a negative cant? And if so how much?
Casey posted:

RDR gear has issued a recall for their SDP due to a reported structural failure.  Unfortunate, as I just got four of them in.  One wonders what sort of pressure-testing they did.  I have an NCP, SDP, and CUBL.  I like the fact that the CUBL doesn't offset the holster.  Having a QLS already kicks the holster out about 1/2" compared to a direct mount.

Dear Customer, 

Today Tuesday the 7th at 3:35 PM MST we were notified of a structural failure of our Straight drop plate (SDP). Due to safety concerns, we recommend the immediate removal and discarding of the straight drop plate. Over the last 10 days, 752 plates were sold, and each customer is being notified of this recall.

We followed the recommendations of our manufacturer on our material selection, after reviewing today's failure we have determined to change our material to a 50% glass filled nylon to increase the overall rigidity and strength of the straight drop plate as well as to adhere better to newly selected hardware.

After we have completed a new round of testing, to ensure the straight drop plate meets the highest standards we will immediately begin shipping out replacements.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we develop a better product for you.

Chad Wilber



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