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I'm in, in spades.

I never bought Brit belt kit, and tried to configure US LBE to do the same thing -- without much luck.  US-style battle belts aren't considering this, either.  

Everyone wants to be a bad-ass assaulter in the apparatus, ignoring the nuts-and-bolts of the march to-and-from the objective.  That shit's not glam.  Just sweep away those details with the wave of a hand.

That was always a huge confusing argument.  "How come the COOL kids only carry 4-5 primary and 3 secondary mags and not much else?"  Everyone forgets mission dictates equipment.  Getting a ride on a little bird to an objective, an objective that is secured by a secondary force (Rangers or the like) is VERY different than humping in 15Km, with EVERYTHING you need to sustain you for multiple days, and then securing the objective yourself.  Don't forget the cameras and radios to send imagery back to the rear; don't forget the 240s and 249s (or equivalent) to pull your own security; don't forget the long guns, as well as your own M4s, etc.; and  Don't forget the body armor (when body armor wasn't "Cool") because these guys eventually would be entering the "fatal funnel".  

The mission sets SOUNDED exactly the same, maybe even LOOKED the same on paper.  BUT, the reality was about 70lbs per person difference, lots of Km walked, and a VERY different looking fight.  We all saw what happened when Delta had to fight their way OFF the objective with Black Hawk down and it wasn't pretty.  There were/are SF Companies that plan to fight their way off the objective every single time.  Gothic Serpent changed the way a lot of people did things; some units modified the way they did things, others just decided to carry MORE shit.  


There IS a place for Molle.  In MY opinion, rucks aren't one of them.  I personally would like to see a ruck about the size of a medium ALICE, maybe a little bit bigger.  Then modified like the 10 pocket rucks.  I've got a 10 pocket large ruck.  With all that room, and ALL those pockets; I could very easily overload that bitch/tick to almost impossible to carry.  I would prefer that the pockets are fixed, as molle webbing just adds more weight.  Ultralight packs are coming it at +/- 2lbs.....10 pocket large ALICE rucks come in around 11+ lbs.  There has GOT to be a happy medium compromise.

I've also complained about COST.  One of the BEST things about the Large ALICE pack was the price.  ANYTHING a Soldier wears or uses should be considered EXPENDABLE.  Start talking about a $500+ ruck and it is no longer "expendable".  Less than 6lbs, 3-500 D, couple of extra pockets, improved frame, and under $300 should be the goal.  

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