Reply to "External Frame, ALICE bag rucksacks for Tactical Apps"

So just got back from the field. It’s getting cold and wet out so snivel and wet weather is getting thrown in the mix (suprisingly when you are use to 120 weather 65 is freaking cold. Did get in the 40s some as well.

LBT mod is still doing awesome and will hold the following comfortably in a wet weather bag that fits it like a glove:

-Gortex Bivy

-Snugpak Jungle Bag

-Waffle top

-Silk top

-Wet Weather top and bottom

-Shorts and t shirt to sleep in

-Travel pillow ( I may be infantry and supposed to love the suck but by god I’m having a freaking pillow)

-NVG bag


-Tyr Gunfighter belt kit

-Pogey bait

-Eye pro case.

then admin stuff in the top flap and the double canteen pouch on front with nalgene and Gatorade in it. This all fit with plenty of room to spare in the main compartment, top flap, and canteen pouches. The main pack itself is awesome and the frame rides great. Small enough I can get it in and out of a MAT-V much easier then a issue ruck but big enough to carry 3 days worth of kit. And I can bump that up to about 5-6 days by slapping on the added sustainment pouches. I got it up to 80-100 pounds in Iraq carrying a crap ton of 7.62 and comms gear so it will definitely hold some weight for its size.

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