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I totally get what you are saying Bob, and I think it's two sides of the same coin.


Guys who have an articulable reason for a bigger caliber?  Sure. 


I have a friend who carries a .45, he shoots it very well.  He reloads his own ammo and shoots in bulk.  He maxes the qual every single time he hits the range, trains on the side at name brand classes, etc.   He makes a lot of car stops and also lives where he might have to put down stuff like an injured moose, the bigger bullets make him more happier about stuff like that.


I'd tell a guy like that to carry on.




Guys bagging on the 9mm as a "girl's gun" "because .45!!!!!" or .40?  Retards.




Oh, on the other thing, I have personally crono'd the standard and the FBI 165gr Gold Dot, the over the counter stuff was running 1185 that day, the FBI ammo was in the mid 900s.  There was a big difference in felt recoil from a gen 3 G22.


This ammo did make a couple of choking G22s run just fine though due to decreasing the slide velocity to reasonable levels.


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