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Miami was an anomaly, the exception that proved the rule.  The analysis and breakdowns that I've read essentially said that the 9mm Silvertip performed as expected, Platt had a mortal wound when he got out of the vehicle.  Blaming the caliber was a scapegoat rather than racking it up to a problem with the fact that they had poor tactics and planning and were going up against a rifle with handguns.  And the biggie, dedicated opponents.  Platt was a combat veteran from Vietnam (US Army) and Matix was a former Marine and US Army Military Police. 


You could as easily place the blame on military veterans.  Or after the N. Hollywood bank robbery/shootout, decide that the police need full auto 7.62x51 rifles with armor piercing ammo at all times.


And as was said in the prior post, bullet design has come a long way since 1986.



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