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yakc130 posted:

What is the value of the angle head light nowadays when compared with all of these other lights available? I don't understand.

Well, you're in Ohio, so ... 

It depends on the application.  While they aren't as bright as the new fangled stuff, they do have some advantages.  I use a Pelican 1910 for EDC but I have  at least three MX199/U's and two MagLites.  I keep a rechargeable spotlight by the bed for things that go bump .

Cost to acquire and cost to operate are much lower.

With the colored filters, you can use them to designate, for example, "Turn at the blue light".  Tape it to a street sign or post and you're good to go.  Cut a number or letter in the opaque filter and you can say "Go to letter 'L'".

Performance.  While not as bright as some lights, they are bright enough to read by and do things like PMCS or read a map.  A lot of lights are so bright they render you effectively blind when you look away.  The are easy to operate,  they bungee well and they last a long time on a fresh set of batteries.   They have a nifty bail to hang on a line or snaffle onto a pistol lanyard.   In a pinch, you can use them to mark a LZ or assembly area.  

And if you lose one, you won't cry about it.

I replaced the PR6 bulb with a Maglight LED.  It is brighter and gives a more consistent light.

If you check the Fulton site, you will see a wide selection of flashlights.  Just another tool in your fieldcraft box.








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