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bjw182005 posted:

So, I went to grab some ammo for tomorrow,  and ended up walking out with a G48as well.  I like it a lot thus far and will put rounds through it tomorrow.   

My guy doesn't like the two-tone lik of the new glock offerings,  and does in cerakote at NO cost, because he can't stand it that much.  I dont care much for it either, and so it's done in graphite black.  


The best thing about it is having already purchased and run a G43 for about 2 years now,  I really walked out with the capability of 4 hybrid pistols.  The standard G43 and G48 above,  and a G43X and G43L below. 


The slides swap and function flawlessly and I'll put some rounds through in each configuration tomorrow.  For  summer or minimalist carry, these options are almost perfect.  

He threw in a free range bag also since ive paid his mortgage the last few months.  15562389296498993576428232657288

It was my understanding that the G43 was not interchangeable with the G43X and G48, due to the different external and internal dimensions, and the use of different (wider) magazines.



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