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Cytez posted:

You gotta hand it to Glock....they definitely figured out the whole Marketing thing.  42 ->43 ->43X/48 (silver)->43X/48 (black)->43X/48 (w/rail) -> ????.

Every time something new has come out, it's just enough of something "new", that it stirs the pot.  First the 42 came out...."well, it's a .380, but it's a Glock and concealable, so I'll take it".  Then the 43 came out..."I already have the 42, but this is 9mm, so I've got to have one".  Then the 43X came out...…"I know I already have the 43, but this is 4 rounds MORE, and it's a long grip, so I've GOT to have one" (never mind the +3/+4 grip extensions).  Then the 48 came out (in SILVER)....."I know I've already got the 43 AND 43X, but this is a 4 inch barrel, better for accuracy (and it's the 10 rnd capacity), so I've GOT to have one (even though I HATE the "color")".  Now the 43X and 48 have come out in Black....."I HATED the Silver slide, so I've GOT to get a Black one....(even though it's probably cheaper and makes more sense just to take my silver one and get it ceracoated)".  

NEXT will be the 43X/48 with a RAIL.....then NEXT will probably be a RDS capable.....and on and on.  Meanwhile, besides the pistols, then there's the magazines (42, 43, 43X/48) and the holsters and whatever additional extras you buy for them.  It IS getting a bit annoying for sure.

BUT.....can anyone honestly say that the 48 (10rnd single stack 9mm with 4" barrel) is not VASTLY superior to the initial 42 (6rnd single stack .380 with 3+" barrel)??  In the end, they ARE improving as they go along.  

What IS frustrating is.....if you looked back at what people ASKED for in the first place, it's probably the 48 or maybe the BLACK.   Do the 42 and 43 fill a niche, in strict gun law states like CALI, that the 43X/48 couldn't (like stupid low magazine capacity)?

Yep, Glock definitely preyed on Americans desire to either 1) own one of the "set" 2) or have the latest and greatest.  The old idea of "Be careful not of the man with many guns; but the man with ONE gun, that knows how to RUN it" seems to be lost on some.

Full disclosure, YES, I have a 42, 43, 19 and 17....and would LOVE a 19X/45, 43X/48 and when the railed/RDS versions come out, I'll take those too.   Unfortunately/Luckily (depending on your POV), I don't have the disposable income to do that.  So I'll get TTI +3 extensions for the 43 and be happy (I can buy quite a few extensions for the price of a 43X).

For cheap bastards like me, the trick is to keep trading up (like real estate).  Whenever I get the itch for a new gun (and the itch is strong for G 48), the Mrs. lectures me blah blah blah  "no more guns"  blah blah…  I traded in my Beretta 92 for my S&W  SD 9.  When G 48s become available up here, I'll probably trade the Smith in on that and pay the difference.  I know it seems counter-intuitive to lower one's total arsenal but po' folk haven't as many choices...

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