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Reply to "Glock 46 with Rotating Locking Barrel"

So on the fly, the file 3_ACR SCOUT linked to is out of the newest (October 2017) issue of Deutsches Waffen Journal. I haven´t read if fully now, so nothing on the technical details, but on their homepage is a short text about it.   highlighted by me

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Brand new pistol Glock 46

For decades, Glock has been using it´s tried-and-tested pistol models, only altering details in the various generations, such as in the Glock 17 or Glock 19. The engineers in Deutsch-Wagram now developed the Glock 46 with a new locking system.

While almost the entire professional world still think of the 5th generation of Glock 17 and Glock 19 as the great Glock novelty of the year 2017, we have seen the real novelty, the Glock 46, dismantled, assembled and shot with it.


The fact that the manufacturer from Deutsch-Wagram is launching this model on the market does not mean that he is starting from his previous models to say goodbye. For this, these pistols are much too good and much too well introduced in soon 100 countries. These numerous well-known models now receive a „competitor“ from their own company, which shall ensure that additional markets can be developed, for example in Germany.

 A clear statement by Glock CEO Dr. Stephan Dörler: "With our new G 46 with 9 mm × 19 revolving barrel locked, we do not carry out a paradigm shift and introduce the replacement of our previous models. The new G 46 is intended for authorities and supplements the consistently continued line of our basic pistols like Glock 17. "

 Glock has designed the G 46 to be able to participate in calls for tenders by the German police forces. For this, the first hurdle, the TR, the technical guideline for pistols in the caliber of 9 mm × 19 must be overcome. The second hurdle is the rules: ER, testing guidelines for the technical guideline. The author of both works is the Polizeitechnische Institut (PTI) of the German College of Police (DHPol) in Münster. The TR-ER test procedure is then carried out at the  Beschussamt Ulm.

 How the sparkling new Glock pistol, designed by Generalmajor a.D., Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Dechant, a Koryphae of gun building, is built, locked and works, read in detail in DWJ 10/2017. The issue will be published on 20 September.


Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Dechant  by the way played a leading role "war die treibende Kraft... (was the driving force...)" in adopting the Glock pistol in 1982 in the Austrian army as standard pistol. He retired off the Army as a General Major  and was at the end of his career head of the "Amt für Wehrtechnik" (testing and procurement authority). 

In Germany for the police only the GSG9 uses Glock pistols, because they are "special enough" to give a fuck about the mentioned TR (Technische Richtlinie)

In TR-Rand-Nummer 2.2 it is said, that a de-cocking for manipulating the pistol (and that includes to disassemble the pistol!) has to be done without pulling the trigger, for reasons of safety.  And we all know to disassemble a Glock, do we?

So...  no Glocks for German Cops - till now.

There are calls for tenders for new pistols by the Police of Berlin and Bavaria, other federal states in Germany are to follow (most Hamburg police officers are still issued SIG Sauer 220  pistol in 9x19 with single stack 9 shot magazines and carry only 1 or maximal 2 spare magazines on patrol)


So I´ll go voting now !  


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