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Reply to "Glock 46 with Rotating Locking Barrel"

Some quick technical details from the article:

Page 70 in the DWJ magazine = Page 7 of the linked file

 The G46 will be decocked by twisting the back plate (p. 70 figure 1 no. 1)

 Trigger and triple safety feature stay the same as „standard Glocks“

 Metal surfaces are nonglare  DLC (diamond like carbon) coated to make them extra smooth.

 Barrel and chamber are hammer forged / no feeding ramp so fully encloses cartridge if barrel is in battery and shot breaks (= no blown out magazines and split up magazine housing / grip if case ruptures during shot???  )

 Grip end is „generously funneled” for easy magazine change.

 On page 9 is a picture of a 5 shot test group with RUAG Action 4 ammunition (most used German police standard ammo) approx. 40 by 25 mm at 25m

 (some info on the ammo here   ht tps://       and here      h ttp:// )

 Less climbing of muzzle due to bore axis deeper (nearer to grip) and only back movement of barrel, fully delocked after 2,8mm back travel. Lower felt recoil...

 G46 shall fit „normal” (existing that is?) Glock holsters.


So on the way to observe the ballot count.....



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