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Reply to "Goose is coming -- Carl Gustav for US Infantry Platoons"

Miraclejoe posted:

I couldn't even tell you how long the Carl G has been in service in the Canadian military, but that thing has been in production since 1948 according to wiki.

What took you guys so long?

Since the mid-70s every Canadian infantry platoon had a Carl G.  I did handling drills on one as an army cadet in '77.  My platoon in Germany had 3 (one per rifle section).

I recall seeing an article in Popular Mechanics (or Science...whatever) in the early 90s about 75 Rangers.  It had a full page devoted to their unique weapons etc.  It was like a checklist for a Canadian platoon:

Carl G -check

FN MAG 58 (M 240 or C6 as we call it) - check

FN Minimi (M 2490r C9) - check

60 mm mortar - check....

I thought at least we were doing something right. 

Mind you, although we had the C6 aboard our Leo tanks since approx '77, we didn't get them in our platoons until nearly 10 years later.  Until then we were humping around C5s (7.62 mm version of the Browning M1919).  Just like Don Rickles in "Kelly's Heroes".  This despite the fact that the MAG 58 (there's a reason for that number) was considered the best GPMG available since the late 50s.  The Brits figured that out early on.

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