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Hussar posted:

Will the weapons squad get an additional 3 bodies (Gunner, AG and Ammo Bearer)?  Or will this be an incremental system that  would take the place of a 240?


Does the weapons squad no longer have two anti-tank guys? When I was a weapons squad leader we had two Dragon gunners, but they almost universally got sliced out to the rifle squads to plus them up...

What does the Carl do that the AT4 didn't/doesn't? Besides reloadable? What about a Dragon and/or Javelin? Besides weight?

I carried 3 LAWS to the first gulf war...they gave us AT4's in the PHA..literally we had to read the instructions on the side to learn how to use them.

I always figured what they may have given up in effects, they made up for in the "everyone can have one" department.


And IIRC, the RPG7 is a copy of the Rocker Launcher M1 "Bazooka".


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