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Reply to "Goose is coming -- Carl Gustav for US Infantry Platoons"

Where did ‘Goose’ come from?  Others fondly call it ‘Charley G’ or ‘Charley Gutsache’

 Still, about time.  Mind you, when I started to see Bofors made HEDP with a US NSN I thought something was up.

 I’m assuming that SAAB are going to set up a gun & ammunition facility in the USA as part of the contract?  If not- I’d be cautious.  The Swedes have a past history about being finicky about where their defense products are used and apparently threatened to sever ammunition supplies if the Charley G was employed in Northern Ireland or South Vietnam.  Maybe things have changed.

 Dorsai- back in the 1980’s FFV were demonstrating an 84mm+ anti-armour round: it looked as if the case was loaded normally but the over size warhead inserted from the muzzle.  Sorta like that overbore round the Germans were using out of their 37mm AT guns.

 As for thermobaric rounds…great idea but this might depend on the licensing agreements: the Swedes don’t approve of thermobarics.

 One thing not discussed here are training options: the subcal systems (6.5x55mm or 7.62x51mm Gallery or Ball) make practice range shoots cheap & easy.  Accurate as well.  I’m assuming your people are planning  a laser engagement system for training? 

 And on the topic of 84mm ammo, I present to you the 84mm HEAP:


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