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The Seax

1/4" thick high carbon steel, parkerized
4.25" flat ground blade, sharpened clip on request
9" oal
1/8" thick textured G10 handle slabs
kydex sheath with IWB loop or tek lok

This knife is my modern interpretation of an ancient seax. It is perfect for use in either a forward or pikal (reverse) grip.

Seax was a common term for knives of all sizes in Viking times. Most had a nearly straight cutting edge and a dropped or spear point. Some had a straight clip, known as the broken back seax, which might have been the ancestor of the Bowie knife.

The long, straight edge has tremendous cutting power, and the dropped point is ideal for reverse grip jabs.

The slim handle conceals well and offers a good grip.

Compared to my Mini-Grunt:

I can't wait to make more of these in different lengths and thicknesses, just a matter of finding time between work, orders and honey do's Cool

Thanks for looking!

Semper 360

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