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This has been a known issue since the intersection of armor and bullets, only the degree has changed.

The IJN Battleship Musashi had a spall liner inside each of its 18.1 inch three gun turrets and I am sure this was a wide spread practice in the Imperial Japanese Navy.  The liner was made of 9 mm think silk to absorb spall.

In the Vietnam War, helicopter crew were issued ceramic "chicken plates" with a ballistic nylon cover to capture spall from the shattered ceramic plates.

There are a number of modern tanks with spall liners on the inside.

So, known issue with known countermeasure.  Cover the armor with something to capture the spall.

Question (not challenge): I thought spall liners were to stop spall. Spall being the armor itself turning into secondary projectiles from deformation or penetration by a projectile, explosive force, or other mechanical effect. 

And I thought I had seen in detail (somewere, probably a book I cannot search with google!) that spall protective materials may or may not be useful to protect against ricochet, as they are designed/selected to protect against fragments forming in contact with the interior of the spall liner. 

Are there anti-ricochet coatings available also? How do you tell what functions a coating has when purchasing some? 

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