James Williams blade designs

I've been a fan of the Osoraku-style blades for years now, and I've been a fan of the CRKT James Williams blades, especially the Hissatsu. Yes, it's 440SS, but the blades are inexpensive & I'm not using them daily. the trainers are cheap, too (~$40):


Recently, I've acquired these, as well:


The Otanashi rides in my right side hip pocket, the Shizuka in the trauma plate pocket of my vest. The only difference between the two is size.

I like the simple frame lock design for no other reason then it is probably one of the least likely designs to close on me (in the infentessimal probability) if I ever actually have to use these blades for their original intended purposes.  The additional liner lock... well... lock turns the blades essentially into fixed blade knives.

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