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Live the Creed Responder IFAK

If this isn't the right place for this let me know or feel free to move it.


-Dimensions: 7" x 4.5" x 1.5" Material: Laser Cut Laminate Cordura
-Made In The USA
-Horizontally Mounts to any MOLLE platform or Belts up to 2.5"
-Vertically Mounts to any Belts up to 2.5"
-Optional TQ Holder will fit CAT/SOFT-W & Similarly Sized Tourniquets
-2 TacTie Polymer Mounting Clips & MED PVC Cross Patch Included

My Thoughts
I was looking for a belt mounted kit to improve over my issued piece. T-rex and coyote tactical were sold out and i came across live the creed. Lightweight, compact, and clean looking. I purchased one with a tq holder built in. Comes with a TQ when purchased with the TQ holder

Appearance-This includes fit and finish as well as overall cool factor
Simple design without loads of velcro or zippers. 7/10

Features-Not just what it includes, but how well thought out they are
Its pretty a straight forward ifak with utilizing a removable sleeve. The clips are adjustable allowing for a couple different content configurations. The rear side has clips to be used on molle or adjusted to size to fit different belt widths. It also has a vertical loop for running the kit vertically on a belt. The TQ retention is done via elastic and holds well. The one thing I couldn't fit into this are the scissors. If I could suggest anything, it would be a way to mount the full size scissors somewhere on the kit, maybe its own loop between the outer and inner sleeve. If you buy it with the medical contents included, the scissors are a smaller version. I think it could also benefit from some form of chemlight/marker loop on top of it. 8/10

Comfort and long term wear patterns
The rounder shape of this helps it fit into the small of the back in vehicles without being over obtrusive. Distributes weight well, doesn't sag or move around on the belt. It also sits low enough where it doesn't interfere with my plate carrier. I've been wearing this daily for the last 4 months and while I haven't done anything too intense, it looks brand new. No fraying, no loose threads, just quality nylon. 10/10

Value-Based off MSRP as configured vs competition

Final thoughts
The only major flaw I can find is the scissors issue and the only minor flaw is no marker/chemlight holder which could have easily been added without having to change anything. That being said the nylon and final fit/finish are so well done it makes up for the minor flaw. Despite the one major issue I still strongly recommend this pouch. 9/10

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