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ADK posted:

Nice! Great idea. I have seen them fail also. Had to ditch them once and resort to rocks halfway through a patrol lol. 

Because knowing is half the battle. Had people who knew of land nav but claimed they totally couldn't do pace as they didn't have beads. Dude: pick up pebbles. Put in pocket, or whatever... Hence: training:

  • Principles always more important than tactics
  • Tactics more important than tools


But I'll always take a cool tool if I can  


firemission4mortars posted:

Looks good. I never "got" the concept of Pace beads. If I was to preoccupied on patrol to remember the pace count, I certainly wouldn't remember to shift the beads. Whatever works though.

I regularly just count in my head when walking around town, etc.

beads are much more about forgetting once something else happens between marching segments. You make contact, at a halt there's much discussion of frequencies so you loose track of the pace number to resume with, you get to a PB and 20 minutes later the PL asks for pace to check the position, etc.  

I am the poster child for no fucking memory, so will absolutely forget a simple thing like pace, immediately upon shifting tasks. But, I know there are those who do not and: it should be a skills badge. I keep them nearby, use them instead of referring to my notebook for simply everything  

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