Reply to "Modifying the '95 Pattern Windproof Smock"

We run a very similar system... Mine is as follows


Base layer - Light 150 or 200 weight Merino, Mid - either an Arcteryx Naga or Rho top, or an Atom LT or similar light puffy, then a Stealth Jacket, then my smock 

On the legs - 150 weight merino, Stealth pants (sometimes) and windproof trousers, with a pair of OR Gaiters over top. If find I don't wear the stealth pants too often.

In summer, If its raining, I typically just wear a goretex hardshell over a base layer, in fall/winter, is when I wear the smock system. Or, I bring the stealth jacket/pants as an emergency layer/windshirt. If its sunny and lovely, I just bring an windshirt/pant along just in case.

the Windproof trousers are really awesome, gotta say. pushing through heavy wet bush, snow, etc, and the outside was wet, however the inner side was just slightly damp, with no dampness into my base layer. Big fan, other than the goofy sizing and available sizes.

I'd love to get the hood on my smock modified. the cone look is goofy as hell.


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