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FourNinerZero posted:

The “Stealth Suit” was/is pretty common in Canada for wear under the camo shirt in warmer weather. Simple goretex jacket and trouser in either greenish or blackish  

I wore a puffy, a stealth jacket and a PCS smock hunting this year in heavy wet snow. You can see the stealth suit top under my smock Worked great. 

Typically I carry my tags/licenses/pen/compass in my chest pockets, light toque, glove liners, neck gaiter etc in the lower pockets, and usually a clif bar or two  4A3DC9E0-B172-4641-85BC-2BF94A5C1DF9

A ha!  A pic of 49er0.  I was always curious if I knew you from my 10 yrs in Edmonton...  Nope, doesn't ring a bell.  Perhaps it's the facial hair throwing me off...

I went looking for the old smock thread to reference as it had lots of info and pics...alas.

I was always too cheap to buy a stealth suit.  I have one of Brian K's Drop Zone recce smocks (which I like) and our issue Gortex, CADPAT rain coat.  I hate to admit that after moving to BC, I found myself wearing the issue coat more - a.  for convenience and  b.  dealing with the near constant rain out here.  Both have plusses and minuses.  The issue shell is somewhat stiff and bulky, noisy etc.  Makes you sweat.  Troops complain the, when prone, the jacket causes water to flow forward into the air vent located just below the shoulders... My smock is not wp.  I don't have a wp layer (could use my civ Gortex, OD rain jacket, but it's not as good as stealth suit - this is where the one garment convenience thing comes in).  Stuff in the pockets gets wet and I'm lazy when it comes to zip locking every thing...  The smock is lighter, less bulky, wind proof-ish, somewhat water resistant and has lot's of great pockets/features etc.

The raincoat just wound up more convenient for standing around in the rain...with my hands in pockets...holding a coffee...but...that says more about the quality of "soldiering" I've been doing for the last dozen years.  Put it this way, an infantryman in a rifle section would be better off with smock/stealth combo, as he'll be "working" much harder.  There's also that whole "setting an example for the junior ranks by wearing issued stuff thing" although some mods to my smock made it a little more "bde SM proof".  In my company in Edmonton, before Gortex coat was issued, at least half the troops had smocks which I allowed to be worn.  Of course, that went on hold on combined arms exs where there  was a chance of a visit by Bde Command Team.  That stuff used to make them apoplectic!

All moot now since retirement.

"Now I'm old and I'm nervous

and cast from the service

and all I deserve is a shilling a day..." - Kipling

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