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Off the topic of watches:
Nice knife collection. The Randle is very cool.

Those knife pics bring back some other memories.
When Al Mar first designed the SERE Folder, the first 50 some of those all got finished by me here in the shop.
This was a project done for the man who founded the SERE School and we were on a pretty tight deadline as I only had 7 days to do my part, drive the knives up to Al's place and get them on an airplane for Ft. Bragg.
Here is small detail on the project from the knifemakers view.
I accidently severed a couple tendons in my right hand on knife no. 1 of the project. My hand specialist closed it up without doing the re-attachements, frowned at the idea of my continued working but told me he could fix anything that happened later so I went back to work and made deadline.
When I got back from Al Mars the next medical procedure was scheduled and the night before I made the scalpel that did all the re-opening work then stayed awaked to make sure the Doc used my knife. Things healed fine.
I'd made some skin grafting tools for this surgeon before so the the type of edge wasn't unknown to me, hell Sneaky can operate with a broken beer bottle so it isn't that big a deal.
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