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That last photo reminds me of a Halloran STX, in a very good way. Seems like a mean little blade.

That’s quite a compliment! He’s a very talented dude. 

We are going to have to talk when I get some cash stashed about the latter stabby.

Kinda digging that vibe. What the stock thickness?

Works for me! 
the top on for @Community Member was 0.145” CPM3V and the bottom went to @Community Member and is 0.110” A2 

CPM3V, natural canvas micarta and desert ironwood. I’ll pretty much always use a liner material when doing natural handle scales and it helps stabilize the natural material. Even desert ironwood will move around a bit. 


toxic green and blaze orange anyone? 


this is a new one for me. sgian dubh influenced. 


I heard this one called a shankanto 🤣


here’s a couple variations on my pocket puukko. Both have a longer handle and the orange one is wider with a longer blade as well. 



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