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Reply to "My work, Fallbrook Forge"

C Walley posted:

All of your knives look great!  I really like the knife in the first picture, and in the seventh picture.  Are you taking orders at this time?  Are the sheaths included? 

Thank you! That' the SR-25, it's good for precision and some mass mayhem if needed. I can take a limited amount of orders currently, and I include a sheath of kydex or leather. I will exclude a sheath if you have someone you like to send knives to.

Consigliere posted:

Very nice indeed.  Must be great to have the talent to do that.  Mine is most limited to mixing drinks and making sauces.

I'll be sure to get something from you as soon as my American Kami order comes in.  Which should be any day now.  Yep.  Any day.🤣

Thanks! I really like the sound of your talents! You can come over and practice your talents while I make you a knife! Though depending on the cocktails the knife making might get delayed! 

So sorry about that situation, it always sucks to hear those and they seem so prevalent with knifemakers. I'm purposely limiting what I'll take on to avoid those things. 

Truckie posted:

These big bellied bastards in pic 5 & 8 make me tingle in my no-no place.

Thanks? I think... Did I wander into the Team Room?  That ones the M4, good for all around and can be configured for specific purposes.  It's my favorite so far, with the Osage Orange handled one being my current user. 

yellowlab03 posted:

I just wandered back to LF after a few years away to look at the blade forum to see if any members were making knives. I started making a few here and there about two years ago. That knife in that first pic is absolutely killer looking! I really like the no handle pins look and the geometry of that blade! And the handle in the second pic... beautiful!

What grinder are you using and are you using a heat treat oven or heating in forge?

Very Cool! And thank you! It had been something I always thought would be cool, as a kid I wanted to do it, and I always put it off, "its too expensive, too many tools, I don't know how" etc etc etc. Then when I got out I said fuck it and went to one of the ABS intro to bladesmithing courses and absolutely fell in love! And then said "Fuck it! I can do this shit with hand tools!" 

I'm currently using files and sandpaper, I have heat treated a few in the forge for my own evaluation, everything you see here was heat treated by Peters or Jeff Mutz/Tru Grit 

Thank you all so much for the kind words! 

I have some ideas for hard use field knives of the tactical nature bouncing around, if anyone has a feature or design or material they would think would be a good fit on a LFer knife let me know! 


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