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Ok, help me find some pants!

Ok.  So I am looking to pick up a few pair of pants.  I am looking for something pretty specific.  I really like the Railriders Versatac Light pants, but want something a little different here.   Here's what I want:

-  Cargo type pants, similarish to the Railriders pants.

-  50/50 NYCO preferably.  (Or similar that is still breathable, relatively decent at drying, more resistant to sparks than the Railriders. and at least as non-melt as the 50/50 NYCO)

-  Well made, stitching and fabric.  I like durable goods.

-  HEAVY preference for a button fly, and preferably Canadian / Slotted buttons.

-  Buttons on cargo pockets, not just velcro, and preferably not snap-tabs.

-  Available in earthtones  (Khaki, Coyote, FDE, OD, one of those new greyish tones popular now would be nice too)

-  Gusseted crotch or similar, I HATE crotch blow-outs.

-  Not all super-tactical Crye combat pants looking - I want something I can wear around town if I want to, but also need to be able to be used for various outdoorsy related stuff, Bushcraft and such.

-  Belt loops obviously.  Good sized ones, at least big enough to carry a 1.5" belt.

-  No mesh pocket liners.  I hate those, they end up always ripping.

-  No huge numbers of pockets.  I'm fine with a simple, traditional 6 pocket layout.  I don't mind subtle other pockets, but why do I need 2 pockets down near my ankles?

-  Decent fit, I don't want hipster-fit and I PREFER it not to be baggy.  But I need to be able to move easily in them.

-  Preferably under the $100 / price point.

I've been looking everywhere I could think of to find pants that I really liked, but it's been hard finding what I really liked.  I really liked the Arktis trousers, even if they are a bit more field-trousers and not as civilian looking, but they meet all my other needs...except that they have those stupid zip-up leg bottoms.  I mean I get why they are there, but I don't need them for my purposes.  For me, they're just another thing to go wrong and break on my pants plus look really out of place in town.

I've also been looking at some of the Helikon CPU pants, Vertx Phantom OPS, and 5.11 Taclite Pro and TDU pants.  I've had Vertx and 5.11 original style pants before, back when they were actual Royal Robbins pants.  I like the Vertx because they are a bit more low-key. 

So help me find some pants!

And give me recommendations for other similar pants you guys like that somewhat match the above even if not exactly the same.  I'm looking to get 3-4 pair of pants, so I might pick up a few different ones to check out.  School me on good pants to get.

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