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Gary "Casket" was posting on Facebook about his nostalgic desire for a FN-FAL and a Browning Hi-Power. So I quickly took a picture, with a few extras.  They are fun to shoot.   Some details before anyone asks.

My first FAL was a Springfield Armor SAR-48.  In retrospect, selling it in 1990 to raise cash for a house was a bad idea.  So around 2000 or so, I picked up a G1 kit.  West Germany wanted to replace their M1 Garands and starting in about 1955-56, they purchased several thousand FALs from Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Herstal and designated them the G1.  Later, they approached FN to see about licensing rights to produce them in Germany.  FN said no.  Rumor has it they were still pissed at the German occupation in the previous decade.  Which is why Germany went to Cetme in Spain and the HK G3 was born.  Germany ended up selling the G1s to Turkey, who eventually demilled and sold them to the US gun market.  The upper receiver, the serial numbered part, is a Type 2 made by Dan Coonan, Inc (DCI).  I specifically requested it without the carry handle cut.  The barrel was cut to 18" and since it was still during the ban, it has a Moses muzzle brake that mimics the flash hider.  I tried it with the folding charging handle, but went back to the standard.  The folder looks neat, but it's kind of like the G3.  You have to first grasp the end and unsnap it, then shift your grip lower on the handle and then charge it.  The standard is much easier to use.  I wanted a more prominent magazine release so I picked up an L1A1 release.  A lot of inch (Commonwealth) and metric parts will interchange.  The safety is also a modified L1A1 safety that is easier to manipulate.

The lower receiver is a DSA aluminum lower that does make it feel a lot lighter.  I've played around with different furniture and in the end, went with standard FN-FAL plastic.  I've got a box of wooden buttstocks, and other handguards.  The rear sight is a DSA AR-15 type rear sight with a flip aperature and a knob on the right side for windage adjustments.  The standard FAL rear sight has a lot of slop.

Browning Hi-Power
I picked that one up used in the early '80s.  It was also made by FN and had a Ruger revolver rear sight machined into the slide.  I didn't like the Ruger sight and got a Millett rear sight.  Had to open up the notch a bit, but I like it better.  Added an extended, ambi safety and then parkerized the whole thing.  I shot it in IPSC for a lot of years and had a weird breakage.  The camming lug on the bottom of the barrel sheared off during a match and I ended up getting a Bar-Sto replacement.

Gerber Mk II
Got that when I was a junior in high school approx 1973-74.  It originally had the bright shiny blade and the gray handle.  I sprayed it with Gunkote and after a couple of years, the handle felt slick so I sent it back to Gerber and they re-textured the grip.  But this was after they switched to all black so that's how I got it instead of the old gray handles.  I still have the leather sheath with the pocket for the sharpening steel.  A couple of years ago, I brought to the SHOT show and went through R. Lee Ermey's autograph line and asked him to sign the back. 

Randall Model 14
Stainless blade, Border Patrol handle. 




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