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I had my heart set on a Model 14 with a #1 hilt and a green Border Patrol handle (duh...), but always liked the blade shape and historical vibe of the Model 1. After looking at the Randall sight last night because of this thread now I see the Model 16 special fighter...beefyness of a full tang 14 with the more interesting blade shape & tang of the 1? Anything I'm missing?

I'm planning on ordering one direct so I can do the name plate thing on it...only thing left to deside on is a brass or silver hilt and blade steel. 


The blade steel comes in Stainless Steel already.  Brass or Nickel Silver Hilt is personal taste for the "look" of the knife.  Brass is easier to clean up, while Nickel Silver is harder to polish.

 I have bought and sold a few, but I still have this Model 4 - 4 1/2" fighter style.



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