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I understand that the quality is Old Skool, and that these are heirloom type pieces. However, this is Lightfighter:

So, are any of you actually using or carrying your Randall knives? Would you consider it? Or are these BBQ knives kinda like exquisite 1911's and highly tooled holsters, reserved for state occasions and contemplative times with close friends and excellent scotch?

Most people just look at their Randall Knives, but there are a few who use them. Lots of Recon types bought themselves Randall's during Vietnam, and there's a picture of Tom Spooner with one on his kit when he was still AD. 

I've wanted a 14 so bad. And a 12 with the 14 grind. Someday. 

Whats interesting is that a decades old knife with all the wear and scars of use fetches almost the same price as a new one. 


Besides guys in the Military carrying their Randalls, the ones mostly used are the hunting models.

The Model #14 is nice, I just recently sold mine.  That #12-9 with 14 grind is on my list too, check out the version in the Non-Catalog Models, it's awesome!  I have the Model #4-6" Fighter from the Non-Catalog Models coming in a few months.

Knives from war years can have higher than new prices to some collectors.  For example; WWII era knives are WAY beyond my means.

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