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yup, a bunch of years back I wanted a Randall and couldn't really afford a new one, so I thought to myself "self, we should look for a used one and save a bunch of money!" Boy was I wrong....

I'm considering ordering a 12-9 14 grind with forward curve brass double hilt, scalloped brass collar, crown stag....mmmmmm that's my dream knife.

my other dream knife is relatively common, 14 with brass forward curve double hilt and OD green border patrol or single finger groove handle, so I could pick that one up from a dealer like Nordic Knives. 

One thing I wish Randall would do is use owner supplied handle material. 

They do use customer supplied material, you just don't have a warranty when you use it.  In order to get Crown Stag you would need to supply it yourself anyway, they just have the regular Stag material on hand.  I use an authorized dealer who sells for better prices than Nordic, he sells at the catalog price at the time of delivery, you have to have lucky timing to get a just listed knife from his website, they go FAST!  He is Capt. Chris Stanaback, just google his name and his website is listed first.  He may have some Crown Stag, and it would only take a little less than a year to get the knife instead of almost five years from the Randall Shop.



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