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........  He is Capt. Chris Stanaback, just google his name and his website is listed first.  He may have some Crown Stag, and it would only take a little less than a year to get the knife instead of almost five years from the Randall Shop. 

These threads are killing me (a good thing I already had a Hi-Power, before reading that thread).

I had a 5.5 " Model 18 Attack 'Survival' back in the day. I sold it and bought a 7" Chris Reeve's Sable. Never used that since it was so nice, (a good thing, it was serial # 10, South African made, so sold on eBay a couple years ago for $$$$). Now reading this thread I decided I need another Randall. No way am I waiting until 2021  (date listed on the Randall website)

The Capt. Chris Stanaback site has some awesome Randalls at very fair prices, but almost all 'sold'.    So I just picked up a 7.5" (7-7.5" is my favourite length)  #14 Attack (my favourite blade style), with a curved hilt (again my favourite). Suppose to be "Vietnam Era"  (how can you tell ?), with Ironwood handles. I'm thinking of changing the handles (I have nothing  again Ironwood, I just want something flashier). Any recommendations for customs handles ?

I'm planning on using it the day I get it, so it does not become another safe-queen knife.

Any recommendations for customs handles ?

Behring Made Knives in Montana does very good re-handles of Randalls.



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