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FastSS posted:

A welcome ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day:


I won't have any real-world usage on it, so any review on my part should be fairly meaningless.

It was between this and a bench rest. I don't really want a bench rest, but I did want something that could provide more stability than I can, preferably with the ability to use it whenever, wherever. Boom. Pig saddle. Hopefully it does what I want it to - and then some.

ETA - Shoot prone off a tripod? Can't be done! Its insanity!


Well fuck me, it can be done. There is no way that magazine is coming out, but the rifle is roughly parallel to the floor with 2" at most between the floor and the bottom of the mag. It is obviously free standing as-is, but a rear bag would make it stupidly solid. I imagine it'll be great with bolt guns as well.

I put some research into tripods - everything from mild to wild. Lots of proven performers. Ultimately I couldn't shake the feeling that MAYBE the company that makes/sells Pig/Hog saddles is importing Cerakoted OD Green carbon fiber tripods from Norway for a reason. That MAYBE it was a clue

Chances are I was right. They're expensive as fuck, but it would appear that there is a lot of purpose built into the design. This pretty clearly is not, and was never meant to be, a camera tripod.

What tripod is that you are using?

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