Reply to "Portable sandbag with cradle & sling."

the shotty posted:

Not much to add but I dig the rifle set up! 

Eh, simple enough:

-decent barrel

-usual work on action & bolt

-Sako extractor

-Badger bolt knob

-trigger job

-Badger 1913 rail

-Badger mag well metal

-26’ .260 Rem barrel (plus a spare 26’ .308 in case the .260 did not work out.)

-A5 stock, bedding & forend rail

-Badger rings

-my blood (did most of the work under supervision)


To do:

-QD flush sling mounts (for carry & ‘no support’ serials)


-shoot, shoot, shoot


What I maybe should have done:

-muzzle brake?

-heavier .260 barrel?

-short 16-18’ .308 barrel option?

-spacer system on the butt?


Incidentally, the Magpul AICS 10 round mags seem to be working out OK so far.


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