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 I would recommend the NON-GORETEX version of the Vasque Breeze

lawdogx:  Thanks.  Couple RFIs--good size toebox, correct (I read on your other reviews that you run wide and they are GTG)?  And the cushioning is light enough to feel a breeze through if the winds are kicking?  Would have totally missed the Breeze, so thank you.



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Thank you Rich.  Of the above that you have personal knowledge, prefs?  Rule out the Asolos--their lasts run towards the European foot and the toebox is more pointed and not wide enough for me (I have a pair of Asolos that I've had for nigh on ten years that I'm about to finally part with because of the narrow toebox).  I actually have the TNF Pro, although I expect to lose it this summer as I have moved on from the predominantly outdoor job that qual'd me.  Darn.


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I really like my Merrill MOAB vent's. They breathe nicely, and have handled 50+ lbs on my training rucks across gravel, asphalt and open country Without issue or concern. 


I've also used them on lighter weight (20 ish lbs) day treks scrambling mountains in the Rockies again with no issues. 

Thank you (and the others) concerning the Ventilators.  I have shied away from Merrells because I don't normally like the rubber compound on the outer soles (not sticky enough).  That stated, I actually haven't worn the Ventilators versus other shoes in their product line so...  Outside of the shoe's name, are they good at breathing / venting (not too cushioning to hinder this)?


My current hot weather shoes are Teva Rivas (non eVent).  Very decent HW shoe, but the lateral stability SUCKS as the sidewalls on those shoes has no bracing on it.  A shame.  If I were walking straight up a hill, it would be no issue.  But side scrambling or descending stability is rather underwhelming. 


Thank you for resurrecting a topic for current offerings in this niche.

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