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Reply to "Prepping with Limited Space"

Defining your requirement is the first thing.  What do you want to do?  Are you looking at long-term shelter in place preparations?  Bugging out may not be the best option.  Bug out?  Where are you going to go?  Is there a chance your neighborhood will require mandatory evacuation?

We bought a Captains Bed to make room for some of our stuff.

Make sure you can manhandle your bailout bags.  A couple of small suitcases, like you would put in the overhead bin on an airplane, may be better than a duffel bag.  This is one reason I bought a couple of mini-parachute bags from Coleman's.  Make sure it it fits well and you can carry it to the car easily - and it fits in the trunk.  A suitcase works as well as a backpack in a lot of situations.

Be ruthless with culling weight.

Cytez has a good idea - offsite storage.  Do you live in a floodplain?  Rent a storage unit, from a reputable corporation, and keep your bail out supplies there.  Make sure it is out of the floodplain.  Be sure to include supplies for your dog.  I use a re-purposed M5 bag with dog food and such.

Don't forget records; marriage certificate; deeds; car registrations; estate plan, etc.

Here's one idea.  This woman dedicated a coat closet to bailout supplies.

The Latter Day Saints have a lot of no-nonsense planning for self-reliance and preparedness.  They will talk with you and sell you supplies at their store.  

If you want square pails, look here https://www.uline <DOT> com/BL_8172/Square-Pails?keywords=square+buckets





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