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Reply to "Prepping with Limited Space"

What if we need to store the water for more than 16 weeks or I have well water?

The water can be treated with the use of water purification tablets which can be purchased at most outdoors or sporting goods stores. Follow the directions for use on the package you purchase.

If the emergency has left you with no water beyond the 4 week safe storage time and you have no other means of purification, you may treat the water with liquid chlorine laundry bleach. NOTE: do not use scented laundry bleach, powdered bleach, or swimming pool chlorine – these may contain additional chemicals that are poisonous.

So what could the dangerous chemicals be?

Longeye posted:

Five gallon Culligan jugs are a slick way to buy and store bulk water. We keep about ten on hand at any time and rotate them through the dispenser. That is 50 gallons of water- Sparingly used it will last for a while.

Not familiar with these.

Can we also start adding links to these things? Not all are easily Googlable.


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