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Congrats on the new blade. I'm in the "use it" camp.

Bought my Model 16 back in '77 and then dragged it around the world over the course of a long field career.  It has a few dings and decades of honest wear... but it still draws immediate attention when it comes out of the sheath.  I only "retired" it when I decided I didn't want somebody to purloin it off my KIA or CASEVACed ass late in the GWOT.  Started carrying something more easily replaced instead. 

My first observations of Randall knives were from seeing them swinging on various owners' Ranger Batt LBE... and getting employed as working tools in the field. After seeing them perform, I had to have one. Anyway, Randalls are built to use and they have personalities. If you listen carefully to the quiet and steely soul of your blade, it's begging to slice, stab, and cut something. It was actually made for that. Listen to it. 



I listened just like you said.  Closely.  And shit, if I didn't hear it speak to me.  A whisper at first which made it hard to hear what it was saying but it grew louder until I could make it out....

"'re a walking quick bleed out.  Coumadin and knives don't play well together.  But that is second to observing the tiddlywink spirit that flows through Lightfighter.   The knife John....don't be a bitch... use the fucking knife."

I may have paraphrased a bit but that was the gist of what the knife told me so I'll use it.  So it is written, so shall it be done.

Can't wait for the knife throwing competition at the CBS!



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