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A few days after taking possession of my newly delivered & pristine Randall knife, I went to the field with my platoon. Knife strapped to harness pistol belt. It was like carrying the Home Coming Queen on my hip. Immaculate, razor sharp, perfect... and a very expensive toy for a 19 year old PFC. It hadn't cut anything to that point except for my thumb (Yes, I found out it was razor sharp the hard way). Naturally, at some point, while standing around bored in the woods, we decided to chunk knives at a big ole fat trunked pine tree. So the usual mix of K-Bars, AF survival knives, and pawn shop killer knives got broken out & tossed though the air for beer money bets. Including my new Excalibur.

Very shortly, one of those other knives clipped the blade of my Randall, already stuck deeply into the tree. OMG! A ding on the spine of my knife. Crap. My Virgin Prom Queen was sullied. Naturally, I just kept throwing it. Because you can't fix stupid. The next disaster was a sliver of Micarta grip chipped off by another flying blade. Fuck me to tears.

#1 Lesson Learned back then was not to use knives (especially expensive ones) for tasks they're not designed to handle (target throwing, heavy pry bar jobs, or batoning stupidly large items). 

Those self-inflicted defects looked glaringly HUGE to my eyes. My knife was starting to look like the Prom Queen after an Outlaw MC gang bang. Oh well. After that, I wasn't afraid to drag her through hard work or nasty field use. Which I did for the next 30+ years. Without incurring any more significant damage than light surface scratches and an eventually worn out leather sheath. Coupla years ago I buffed out the cosmetic blade scratches. Blade looks pretty new. I can barely spot those two stupidity dings. They look a lot smaller after all this time. And the knife has character that only a long use working knife can possess. 

The first user-inflicted imperfections will annoy the hell out of you. After that, you can settle down and get some "duty" use out of it. Because you are no longer trying to protect it in perfect condition.

BTW: I named that blade "Rebecca" the day I got her. Thanks Robert Heinlein, for the idea. I'm not a big fan of anthropomorphism when it comes to inanimate objects, but that knife was (and still is) something deserving of a name. After 44 years of ownership, hard use, and a coupla downrange deployments... she's kinda grown on me. 

P.S. - You can preemptively counteract the bleeder effects of Coumadin by liberally applying a styptic pencil to the blade's edge before carry. Rub it on like a crayon. Then, when the inevitable occurs, they'll cancel each other out. Use an office stapler to close the wound (like most normal people)... and drive on.  Unless you stab yourself through the testicles. In which case you'll want to cauterize with a heated coat hanger wire first...

Enjoy that knife. She looks very nice. Carve some pig.



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