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I’m not digging the departure from 2032 batteries.  Are they doing that with all future batches?

If so, I may go to the RMR if/when my 407c (about 2,500 rounds) eventually shits the bed. 

I'm not up on battery knowledge. What's the downside?

Just another battery to manage. You get the benefit of not having to remove the optic for changes though, I see it as a net gain. Even though I'll now need to manage 3 different batteries.

Thank you, sir!

I have a first gen that will be coming with my milled slide, so 2032 battery for that one. I'm thinking I'll just put replacements in the optic box they're meant for. This will be my first, so presuming I like it there will be more, but probably the V2, so this should help with the management issue.

Related question about battery shelf life. With the Holosun's claiming 5+ years, what's shelf life on the replacements? If I plan to change out the battery say every two years (presuming it lasts as advertised), should I wait to buy the new battery for a while, or just get a couple spares now, stow it and forget it until needed?

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