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Red dot vs iron sights on carbine; reaction times

Before anybody hits me with the stupid stick, I thought long and hard about asking this in the Optics subforum, and then Crusader Hall afterwards. But here goes:

Does anyone have any real world studies (Force Science, etc) or quantifiable data from your experiences regarding just HOW MUCH faster and more accurate a given shooter can be with a carbine with a red dot as opposed to iron sights medium to close range?

What I mean by this is, I'm looking for info to absolutely donkey punch a certain firearms instructor who had the misfortune of making the statement "for patrol rifle work, everyone I've talked to said iron sights are better".

Putting aside the utter stupidity of that statement for a moment, I can't come right out and tell him he's a moron because A) he's one of my bosses, and B) he's a "firearms instructor" (taken with a grain of salt).

So I'm looking for some sort of scientific info or study from an accredited source, that I can point to and say "look, these guys did SCIENCE, and you're wrong". If the answer was as simple as saying "Here's, you argument is invalid", I would have done so already.

Letters/memos from heads of units or large LE departments or DoD or DoJ or ANYTHING helpful is appreciated. If you want to be discreet you can PM me for an email address.

I think it goes without saying that if someone thinks this definitely should have been in the other section, feel free. Since it's pertaining directly and exclusively to carbines and iron sights as well, I thought it could fit here.

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