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Reply to "Redback One 2-Day Combat Carbine: Sept. 29-30, 2014 - Portland, OR"

CORRECT COURSE DESCRIPTION - The one above is incorrect and reflects pistol.



The objective of this course is to increase the existing individual skills of each student in combat marksmanship. Students will be introduced to new concepts and skills designed to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy while maintaining a focus on the combat application of each drill. Students will conduct collective progressive training under instructor supervision in order to gain proficiency prior to the testing phase. The testing phase will consist of students performing individual skills in gun handling and marksmanship while under induced stress from the Pro Timer.

During this course, students will be introduced to the Redback One Shooting System (RSS).

RSS is a complete training system that provides the end user with a consistent approach to the tactical employment of the M4 Carbine and issued pistol include; carriage, control, handling and operation.

By adopting the principles of RSS, the end user will be able to safely and confidently employ both weapons systems to a high degree of speed, efficiency and accuracy while operating in a tactical environment.

All RSS techniques are simple to learn and replicate under stress. This is an important part of the methodology as many first responders and military personnel do not have the opportunity to conduct routine training in advanced weapons manipulation. With the Redback Training System (RTS) as the deliver vehicle combined with the instructional capability of the RB1 cadre, end users are able to receive and assimilate the information quickly.

Demonstration Performance Method:
RB1 cadre will introduce each skill by explaining the purpose of the skill, why it is important to learn and how it can be applied in a combat situation. Students will then receive a demonstration detailing the standard to be achieved. Students will conduct collective and individual practice in each skill allowing them to achieve a proficient standard prior to being tested.


All participants must have received basic carbine training from one of the following: RB1, military, law enforcement or a reputable training company.

Learning Objectives:

1. Assimilate the Advanced Application of Marksmanship Fundamentals.
2. Understand and Apply Ready Positions for Combat
3. Successfully Complete Combat Marksmanship Assessments
4. Participate in Shooting under Reduced/ No Light (*range dependant)
5. Apply Speed & Efficiency during Weapons Manipulation
6. Understand how to Increase Hit Probability Under Stress
7. Conduct Rapid Identification & Clearance of Weapon Stoppages
8. Quickly and Effectively Transition to Secondary & Tertiary Weapons
9. Perform Reloading drills in simulated Combat Conditions
10. Participate in CQB Shooting Techniques
11. Employ Techniques for Shooting from Cover
12. Engage Targets at Intermediate Engagements
13. Employ Tactical Movement and Communication
14. Participate in Familiarization of Intro to Combat Medicine (TCCC)

Equipment Requirements:

The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.

1. Serviceable Carbine (Sling, Magazines, Optics, Light, Accessories)
2. Serviceable Pistol (Holster, Magazines, Light)
3. Body Armor, Tactical Over Vest or Battle Rig
4. Duty Belt (Optional – Dump Pouch, IFAK)
5. Duty Uniform, BDU’s, Similar Range Attire
6. Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Ear Pro Preferred)
7. NVG’s, Laser (Optional for Night Shoot)
8. Cleaning Kit with Sectional Rods


1. Shooting Gloves
2. Knee Protection
3. Helmet
4. Hydration Source (Camelbak or similar)

Ammunition Requirements:

Carbine - 1000 rounds
Pistol - 400 rounds


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