Need new pair of boots that are Coyote brown. 



I wanted a boot with good drainage and built with material that would not retain water. We know your feet are GOING to get wet no matter where you work, sooner or later. The sole needed to be able to handle a muddy environment without becoming mud slicks and increasing in weight ten fold. This was more of a desire then an a requirement. 



Initially I placed an order for a pair of T8's, thanks to the rave reviews from LF'ers. 30 days prior to receiving my boots, I get a call from uspatriottactical CS. They inform me that the T8's they order were built wrong. The leather was tan and the thread was 499 Coyote . So not to Army standards and they provided 3 options as replacements to ship next day with the price difference refunded.     


So after looking at the Reebox's online and a number of other options. I toke a shot in the dark and choice the Reebox's. 


First Impression:

When they arrived and I unboxed them I could tell they are much lighter then the Aviation boots I had been wearing. The "canvas/Nylon" uppers are single wall with not cushion. The top lip has a 1" foam collier that is common to most Military boots. When I first put them on and walked around the soles reminded me of my Oakley assault boots circa 2006, squashy or soft. The leather doesn't require the traditional brake in time. The sole pattern (groves) is wider then the issued boot, which I can only hope will help with mud and rocks in the tread not getting built up. Durability of the sole should be about normal. Sole height is also similar to the Issued Army boot. Also the laces come closer to the toes then the standard Army boot.  


One issue I had to fix was the Reebox name that appears along the back of the boot was dark lettered (ref. 2nd  picture). On the advise of a wise LF'er. I used some folded fine grit sandpaper and removed the "dark" letters. toke about 10 mins, collecting the paper and work. 




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