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Hooahmonster posted:

I finger fucked one of these the other day at a local dealer [plain edge version]

More stout than a Manix or Paramilitary.  Not necessarily a tank, but thought of this thread after messing with it. 

There’s some info out on the interwebs calling the Shaman a “Stryderco” and comparing it to Strider.  I can see that after the short handling I did at the store.


Only things that I’d say it would need to change:  the G10 handle is pretty smooth and could be rougher, but still not slick like aluminum; and the choil interferes with the compression lock when closed preventing flicking like a PM2 (if you prefer opening this way).

Bit of a necro here, has anyone tried both the Shaman and the ZT0562/562CF?



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