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Well, just traded into this....we won't talk about my need for rape counselor. 

Overall it hits all the high Mark's.

2.75"  barrel

Full length ejector 

Bevel cylinder.

Adjustable sights

Lock...meh....I'm unconcerned.

Shot about 200-250 rounds of 38+P through it.  Cylinder hung up and wouldnt rotate once....not sure if it was the round not seated or crud somewhere..but it didnt happen again.

I do need to learn to shoot a revolver again, the 200rd count my finger was wore out...pretty sure it's going to need a gunsmith.

Also, at 25 yes it's way high and rear sight is bottomed out. 

All ammo was 125+P.....not interested in trying different ammo. or two more range trips....if it persists..its back to S&W


This was 5rds each..5,10,15,20,25 yards with Remington 125+P all DA...the first 25rds out of the gun


"Good landing, good fight, and good luck" James M. Gavin 09Jul43

 "they say if it works, it's a good tactic...I say anything can work once" 


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